At Reeled In Surf we take a different kind of approach to the standard surf lesson experience. Our innovated program uses balance ball training prior to water entry to execute the most proficient and comprehensive surf lesson experience. We offer our customers a more personalized surf class than anyone else in the industry, but at an affordable range that guarantees spectacular results.

 Our Ko Olina surf lessons, which are perfect for guests staying at the Aulani, Marriott's Beach Club, Ihilani, or Beach villas, are based out of Barbers Point and offers uncrowded waves perfect for beginners and intermediate longboarders.

Whether you are looking to book your first surf lesson, improve your surfing performance, or looking for experienced coaching, Reeled In Surf is here to help. Shred the stress and worry of everyday life and enjoy a fantastic time.  Contact Reeled In Surf today.


Our logo is much more than a trademark or a symbol that works with our slogan. The Makau (fish hook in Hawaiian) has a very symbolic meaning within the Hawaiian Culture which we reveal in our surf program.

Hawaiians or Polynesian settlers have a deep connection and understanding of the ocean. The ocean was an essential part of their lifestyle where they were very observant and utilized every aspect it offered. They noted the size, form, strength and directions that waves came from and how they affected their everday life. They had a keen sense of ocean currents and variations in bird and sea life, and were the first people to use astronomical observations of the stars to help them navigate across the ocean.

The Hawaiians benefited from the ocean in numerous ways and harnessed it for a source of food, jewelry, entertainment, their means of travel, and their way of life. In the early days of Polynesian settlement in Hawaii, the ancient fishermen created fish-hooks out of every available material they could find. With natural made tools from coral or stone, the fishhook was chipped and carved out of bones or shells and put to great use to provide for their food.

Today the Makau represents everything good: prosperity, strength, good luck, abundance, and a great respect for the sea. At Reeled In Surf we exhibit this meaning of the Makau and this reverence for the ocean within our surf program. The ocean has a way of humbling you, frightening you and making you love it all at once. Surfing and the ocean provides for us and creates a lifestyle for our staff, that we share with our customers, and onlookers. It gives us complete happiness that fulfills our passion, provides for our entertainment, and a place to share and create friendship. It provides for our health, gives us our vitamin D, our good looking tans and sun bleached hair, our paychecks, its our gym membership and for some even a Religion. 

Surfing equates to living in the very moment of ‘now’ where we experience a higher reality. Ever day we express our love for surfing and deep respect for the ocean. At Reeled In Surf, we share what surfing has to offer with our customers, reel them into our lifestyles and get them HOOKED!